“Photovoltaics are well on their way to establishing themselves as a cornerstone of energy generation across the world”

NEXT ENERGY, Research institute for Energy technologies, Germany

AustrianSolar (previously Austrian Enviro Technologies) is a globally acting independent developer of industry-scale photovoltaic power plants. The Company identifies green field projects, as well as early stage development projects and completes the development process to ready-to-build status.

Since 2012, AustrianSolar has been exclusively operating in grid parity markets, thus eliminating any risk from potential curtailment of incentives for investors. Currently, the focus is on Chile, where the Company is developing a project pipeline of 500+ MW.

AustrianSolar is providing proven  top quality to top tier investors. Reliability, flexibility and more than 15 years of experience are the three pillars of AustrianSolar’s success. The Company's goal is to become a full service provider to its clients, offering project development, Operation & Maintenance services, asset management services and well as energy storage solutions. 



On the solar farms of the Atacama Desert, the workers dress like astronauts. They wear bodysuits and wraparound sunglasses, with thick canvas...


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Another report – this time from Meister Consultants Group – reveals solar is creating jobs at a breathtaking rate and suggests solar investments in generate roughly three times more direct and indirect jobs than comparable investments in fossil fuels.

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